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Message From The Owner/CEO

Welcome. We started selling automotive vinyl products, overlays, eyelids, decals and stickers. From there we started selling HID kits, LED Lights and now you can find just about anything on our website. We hate to say no to any product request. If you don't see it listed shoot us a message. If it's car related we probably sell it!

Some may say we care more about customer service than making a quick buck. We may just have to agree. Hobby turned business with the same basic idea we started with. Offer the same product (or better) as the big guys do. But beat the backyard fly-by-night and ebay prices. Why? Simple, BECAUSE WE CAN and why the heck not!

We offer the greatest product at the lowest price and customer service is ALWAYS NUMBER ONE. No amount of sales will ever affect our customer service. Why? Because with no customers we have no business.

Many companies will claim that their customers come first, but we all know this is rarely true. We all know that $ Signs look better than smiles. Not here at The Grafx Shop. We know word of mouth is the best and greatest way of advertising.
We look at it like this. what's better?
Customer over pays / gets bad customer service - Customer tells all their friends and posts on facebook where 100s even 1000s can see.
Customer gets a great deal AND great customer service - Customer returns & Customer tells one person

We are that business that understands the reach each customer has and the impact that bad customer service can have on Our Business. That being said, we will do everything within our power to ensure that every customer is 100% happy with their order from start to finish, and we will never sell a product we ourselves wouldn't use!
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The Grafx Shop
67 Garnett Road
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2J-3C4 , Canada