- Color Samples -
Welcome to our "sponsored rides" section.   we will update this with some pics from time to time as well as some details on newly sponsored rides.  we sponsor a wide range of cars, trucks ,boats , atvs .. heck we will sponsor just about anything with wheels and even some things with out !.  

how it works, fill out the form and submit your details on yourself and your ride. we will review the info and reply back to you via email if your approved to be sponsored. once approved we will set you up with some sweet discounts and deals . on the products we sell.

What do i get for free?
If your hear looking for something for nothing . sorry, simply put,  nothing is free you have do some work to get something in return. as per the agreement you will have to have some decals on your ride , promote the grafx shop as well as hand out a few business cards. but no worries because anyone that says you sent them to us will make you store credit to be used with your discounts on our website.. in most cases we will offer 15%-60% discounts on the products listed on our website as well as custom order products. And  free shipping on some products. there is no member fees or yearly admin fees like many other sponsorships. and we wont ask for your credit card randomly for any reason .

click here   fill out the form and hit submit! or download it and email it to sales@thegrafxshop.ca

we will try and keep the pics up to date. right now we are just adding them to our facebook page to save time and to allow everyone to view them. they can be found here Sponsored Rides - Pics